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WOW! 7 Days until True Woman 101

WOW! 7 Days until True Woman 101

I heard a “thunk” on my doorstep yesterday, and sliced open the big brown box the UPS guy left to find this:


The first thing my husband said when he picked up and examined a copy was, “WOW!  This is really striking!”  And it is!  This new eight-week “True Woman 101 – Divine Design” Bible Study is  printed in full color. It’s bright. It’s bold. It’s beautiful! And it’s chock-full of great content! My friend, Nancy, and I spent many months writing it. I had thoroughly previewed a digital copy, but I gotta admit, the final product still WOW-ed me !

It was our aim to provide teaching on womanhood that went beyond cliched advice, shallow caricatures, and cookie-cutter solutions. We wanted to provide a resource with foundational teaching that could be applied to different stages and circumstances of life, and that would be just as applicable to the great-granddaughters of our generation as it is to us.  I think we hit the proverbial “nail on the head”! At least I hope and pray that we did.

Only seven days until True Woman 101 hits the shelves in stores–and until the launch of the new website!

Watch the Promo Video:

To celebrate getting my box of books, I’m giving away two free copies! Just leave a comment below, and I’ll draw two names from comments posted before Sunday, February 26, 2012 at midnight (CST)

Congratulations to Tamara Thompson and Rachelle H. –winners of the draw for the True Woman 101 Bible Study books!

(The draw is now closed)

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