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Work it Out, Girl!

On his recently-released CD Storiez, Christian rapper shai linne encourages women to work out their womanhood in a radical, counter-cultural way. In Work it Out,” the Philadelphia-born artist contrasts the Bible’s vision of the Gospel-transformed woman with the sexualized, narcissistic and radically individualistic woman of pop culture.

I love the rich doctrine and beautiful vision of womanhood contained in his lyrics.   Thanks shai, for permission to reprint them here.  So girlfriends, even if you’re not into hip-hop, I encourage you to take shai’s challenge seriously and decide “Whatcha gonna do?”  I hope you’re gonna “Work it out!”

She’s not your typical girl
Sixteen years old and she’s dead to the world
Faith by her lifestyle demonstrated
because the gospel penetrated and now she’s regenerated
Her Master is greater than fashions and flavors
She patterns her behavior after the Savior
Back in the days you would have seen her standing in the mirror
Yeah, her skin was clear, but her vanity was clearer
Now she’s in the Scriptures and wants to be like
Hannah and Sarah rather than Christina Aguilera
Wordly girls imitate Missy Elliot
But she wants to be like Elisabeth Eliot
Not flexing her body, see she dresses with modesty
She’s not perfect- she confesses sin honestly
Christ crucified! That’s her permanent shout
And by the grace of the Lord, she’s working it out

She’s not your normal wife
She’s twenty-four and Christ is the Lord of her life
Her walk is evidence that she trusts in God
And it feels so good to be justified
And no, she doesn’t have a Master’s in Divinity
But what she does have is a passion for the Trinity
When she recalls her previous prodigal seasons
And how at times she could be the loudest of heathens
She praises God for making this former feminist
submit to her husband for theological reasons
Worldly wives watch Oprah to learn to be a lady
But she’s reading the writings of Carolyn Mahaney
And she would never disrespect her husband in public
And if she does it, she repents- I love it!
Christ crucified! That’s her permanent shout
And by the grace of the Lord, she’s working it out

She’s not your usual mother
{ahem} years old and she’s true to the lover
of her soul, she beholds the cross where He copped it
Once was agnostic, now she’s adopted
Her passion grows greater as she beholds him
Job title: homemaker/ theologian
Early in her walk, she would fight against His will then
The Lord used her marriage and the Bible to reveal sin
Now she fights to kill sin and her greatest joy is
serving her husband as she’s discipling her children
While worldly mothers stress shopping for the new style
She’s pouring into younger women Titus 2 style
Teaching others how to rightly see brothers and be mothers
And most of all better Jesus lovers
Christ crucified! That’s her permanent shout
And by the grace of the Lord, she’s working it out

You running hard for the King?
I know that’s right!
Is Jesus your everything?
I know that’s right!
Did He really make all things new?
No doubt!
By His grace, whatcha gonna do?
Work it out!

A 16 year old with a passion for Scripture? A 24 year old with a passion for the Trinity? A mother whose job title is homemaker/theologian pouring into other women Titus 2 style? Wow. That’s radical. So whatcha gonna do?… “Work it out!”

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Lyrics to “Work it Out” are copyrighted by shai linne. Used by permission.

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