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Summer in Alberta

I haven’t done a terrific job of keeping up with the blog this summer. Part of the reason is that it’s summer… and where I live in Canada, you can’t blink or you’ll miss it. Summers here are spectacular. So there have been trips to the mountains, hiking, long summer evenings around the campfire at the lake, biking through Edmonton’s renowned River Valley (The longest extended parkway system in North America!). I went sea-dooing for the first time ever this summer. My son couldn’t believe it when I took a corner full throttle and just about pitched him off the back. Barbecues, football, fishing, hot dogs, watermelon, family & friends are the stuff summer is all about.

Another part of the reason my blog has been neglected is that I’ve had a lion’s share of unexpected things come up. There have been a few family “fires” to put out, and a bunch of household and “life stuff” to deal with. . . just yesterday, my sewer backed up in the basement. Not once, but three times! I have to run out in a few minutes and buy another big bottle of disinfectant. Right now, we can’t run the dishwasher or washing machine in our house, and need to make sure no one flushes a toilet at the same time as someone else is taking a shower or draining the sink.  I’m literally “holding my breath” for the sewer line inspection and repair people to get here. Last week, someone rear-ended my youngest son and made a mess of the back end of my car. Tons of “life stuff” this summer. You get the picture.

But the biggest reason it’s been so challenging to get around to writing on my blog, is that right now, I’m committing every available moment to writing a book.My deadline is looming large, and it’s going to be a massive challenge to meet it.

The book will be entitled, “Girls Gone Wise… in a world gone wild” and will be published by Moody Press. It will feature 21 points of contrast between a Wild and a Wise woman, based on a study of Proverbs 7. I just started on point #7 yesterday. I’m very excited about the book, the material is rich–and so necessary for today’s women. But writing never seems to come along as quickly as I think it should. And by the end of the day, I’m “typed out” and have no time or energy left to attend to the blog.

So here’s what I think I’ll do. Next week, I’ll start giving you little snippets from my upcoming “Girls Gone Wise” book. I’ll continue posting them until I finish writing (hopefully by the end of October). That way, I can “kill two birds with one stone,” and won’t leave you wondering if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth.

Dannah, Leslie, and Carolyn will also continue to contribute posts. Those gals have also had eventful summers. Carolyn hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth, but she is currently on the other side of it–filming a new documentary. And Leslie had a baby in July, so she’s adjusting to all that that means for her and her household. (Yeah, Leslie! We are so happy for you!!!) As I tell my blog team, Girls-Gone-Wise need to look after first things first, and as much as we love the blog, it’s not at the top of our lists.

Nevertheless, I want to be faithful to do the best I can in the blogging department. So over the upcoming weeks, I’ll give you sneak peaks at the Girls Gone Wise book content, and then when I finish that, I’ll get back to finishing my Mary’s Cliff Notes on Authority and Submission .. there’s a whole lot more I want to say about that topic.

So anyway, long and short of this, is that I would appreciate your prayers over the next few months as I work to finish the book. Pray for focus, writing speed, and above all, that I may keep my finger on the pulse of what God’s Spirit has to say. Thanks so much!  And now,… I better go get that bottle of disinfectant.

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