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Smart Talk: Life for Lent

Smart Talk: Life for Lent


Fatima was a child-bride at age 9, gave birth at 10, divorced at 11,was re-married at 12, and discarded at 13. In today’s Smart Talk, Gabrielle Pickle, from “She is Safe” joins us to discuss the plight of young women around the world who endure the abuse, injustice, and indignity of child-bridehood and prostitution. She shares how you can help rescue a girl like this by giving Life for Lent.

Around the world, women and girls make up

80% of those trafficked

70% of illiterates and

70% of the impoverished

She Is Safe (SIS) is an organization working to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from abuse and exploitation in highest risk places around the world. For just $180 – the cost of giving up a luxury for just six weeks – you can change the life of one woman for an eternity!


SIS invites you to participate in giving life to the oppressed for Lent. What if, this season, from Ash Wednesday (March 9) to Easter, you committed to give life to the world’s most vulnerable human beings?

What if this year, you could Give Life for Lent?

If you and your friends or family would like to join this powerful campaign, sign the petition ( This automatically sends you an email each week during lent with a prayer focus, scriptural emphasis and story of a girl whose life was transformed! The email will also give you instructions on how to donate and change her life!

If your church would like to join the campaign, SIS offers a free digital promo packet, including a promo video, bulletin inserts, slide, and a 6-week prayer guide. Email Gabrielle Pickle at for more information.

Together we can Give Life for Lent!

If you can’t listen on the player, CLICK HERE

(Sorry that this week’s Smart Talk is late… we had a malicious attack on the website and server yesterday, that crippled our site and tried to take us down.)

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