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Paper Stars

paperstarLast year, just before Christmas, I spoke at a Ladies Christmas Tea about the wonder of the Season. The title of my talk was “Paper Star.” I shared how the simple paper stars hanging on my tree remind me of my family history and traditions. There’s so much more to the ornament than meets the eye – there’s a big story and deep meaning behind these simple, inexpensive decorations.

Have you ever noticed that it’s the simplest, most unassuming things that often have the most worth and value?  It’s the things that seem on the surface, so very ordinary, that are often the most profound.  And it’s those who take the time to see and ponder the rich underlying message of seemingly simple things, who derive the most benefit and joy from them.

“Paper Star” is a term that’s really a paradox. “Paper” is a simple, inexpensive common product that we can touch and feel and crumple up and discard.  But a “star” isn’t.  Stars are bright, massive, fiery hot, powerful cosmic wonders whose twinkle can barely be perceived by the human eye, and which certainly can’t be held or contained in a human hand. Paper. Star. It seems like these two extremes could not coexist.  How can the common, ordinary, simple and fragile possibly be extraordinary, packed full of power, spectacular and beyond reach – all at the same time?

I believe that this paradoxical wonder is exemplified in the Christmas Season – for the babe in the manger is like that. Like paper – ordinary, common, touchable, earthly – Manger, hay, donkeys, blood-soaked birthing blanket, strips of swaddling cloth.  Yet there’s much more to this child than meets the eye.  He’s a star – extraordinary, uncommon, beyond our reach, supernatural/unfathomable – This Christmas babe is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace… the Desire of all Nations… the ONE who set history in motion and whom around which history centers and revolves and will one day resolve. Paper Star. The wonder of Christmas…

Many of you have contacted me to find out how to make your own paper stars.  I wasn’t able to find instructions anywhere, so I asked my Dad to help me put some together for you.  I hope you enjoy joining my family in this Advent tradition…. and in reflecting on the wonder of the paradox of the Christ-Child – the true “Paper Star” of Christmas.

Paper Star Directions

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Mary Kassian, the founder of Girls Gone Wise, is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and distinguished professor of Women's Studies at Southern Baptist Seminary.

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