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Mercy Project

The Mercy Project is the educational outreach component of the CareNet Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston. In Mercy Project classes, volunteers from the community seek to teach women with crisis pregnancies specific skills needed to become better parents, to learn a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their babies, and gain valuable skills necessary for personal and spiritual growth. Classes are divided into three main areas: pregnancy and baby care, life skills, and relationships.

The Mercy Center has been using the “In My Father’s House” Bible Study for one of their quarterly classes. This Bible Study addresses an important need in the lives of the Pregnancy Center’s clients. Here’s what Nanette George, the Services and Program Coordinator had to say about it:

In My Father’s House, has blessed many women (and men!) through our Mercy Project classes at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston.  Many of our clients have difficult family histories with negative, destructive, or absent father figures, so, it is potentially very difficult for them to comprehend God as their “abba” father and all that His fatherly role means to them.  Your study provides them the opportunity to examine their views of fatherhood while learning to separate childhood experiences from their understanding of God’s true character.  As they discover the true father-heart of God revealed in His Word, they have the opportunity to embrace a future as His beloved children and a new heritage for their own families…pretty huge!

We believe there is tremendous potential to impact generations, now, and for eternity, through the In My Father’s House study.  With that desire in mind, we would like to offer the study to our clients on a quarterly basis each year.  However, supplying the materials for this class is very expensive and taxing to our budget.  Would your ministry be interested in partnering with Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston by donating the needed study materials?  We will need 25 studies per class. Thank you for prayerfully considering our request. Any help you can provide to supply this need will be very much appreciated.

Girls Gone Wise has donated books for three classes, but more are needed on an on-going basis. Would you be willing to help? It costs only $10 US to provide materials for one client, and $250 to sponsor an entire class. God is using this study to impact generations, now, and for eternity. Click on the links below to help with this high impact program.

If you live in the United States, you can donate directly to The Mercy Project.
Designate your gift as a “Mercy Project Gift” and note that it is for the “Father’s House Bible Study.”

Donate to the Mercy Project

If you live in Canada, you can donate to The Mercy Project by making a PayPal Donation to Alabaster Flask Ministries, who will forward the studies and provide you with a tax receipt.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Mary Kassian, the founder of Girls Gone Wise, is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and distinguished professor of Women's Studies at Southern Baptist Seminary.

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