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Girls Gone Wise Endorsements

We are into the final stages of pre-publication for Girls Gone Wise. Moody’s official release date is April 1, 2010. (Though it might hit the shelves a couple weeks before then.)

If you are a blogger, or in the media, and want to do a pre-publication review, you can now view a  copy of the book on-line. All you have to do is go to, search for Girls Gone Wise, and register.  When Moody receives your request, the publicist will approve it. (She’s assured me that ALL bloggers -big and small- are welcome!!!!)

I’m still waiting for a few more endorsements, but I thought you might like to have a peek at the ones that have come in so far:

So much of life is broken because our standards come from the world rather than from the Precepts of God’s Word.  Our young people are living in the rubble of destruction and need rescuing from the earthquake of the consequences of not building their lives on Truth. Mary’s book Girls Gone Wise . . . in a World Gone Wild is a needed book for our times.  May it grab our attention and drive us to His Word where Mary will take us.
– Kay Arthur, CEO and Co-founder Precept Ministries International, Author of The Truth About Sex: What the World Won’t Tell You and What God Wants You To Know, and Return to the Garden: Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality

Mary Kassian speaks with rare insight, clarity, directness, and grace as she challenges the prevailing winds of our culture. She paints portraits of two contrasting kinds of women and sets forth a vision that calls women out of their dysfunction, pain, and deception, to walk in the light of God’s redeeming truth and grace.
This book is extremely important, timely, and needed—I cannot think of any category of women (or men, for that matter) who could not benefit greatly from reading it and grappling with these critical issues. A “must-read” for women who desire to honor God with their lives and to influence others to do the same.
–Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author, host of Revive Our Hearts radio

Girls today are growing up in a culture where “bad” has become the new “good.” The glamorization of bad behavior among young women has become the new norm and left in its wake a tremendous amount of fall-out and misery. Mary has penned a handbook for reversing the tide of the girls-gone-wild trend and replacing it with a new rank of girls-gone-wise. I can’t wait to recommend this book!
–Vicki Courtney, Best-selling author of Your Girl and 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter

Many women today are eager for mentors. While a book is never a substitute for a real, live mentor, this one does connect women everywhere to the wise counsel of Mary Kassian. And we should heed her winsome, culturally relevant, and biblically sound words in Girls Gone Wise. This book provides an accurate gauge of the current feminine perspective in western culture and contrasts it with the eternal wisdom found in Scripture. Easy-to-read, humble, humorous, and thoroughly sound, Girls Gone Wise is a book both long-time believers and new converts will benefit from reading. Highly recommended!
–Carolyn McCulley, Author, Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World

This book sounds a clear and much-needed message regarding the ethics of biblical womanhood. Mary Kassian’s energy and passion make it a readable book. Her eye-opening contrast between the wise and the wild make it a convicting book. Her faithfulness to Scripture makes it a compelling book.
–Susan Hunt, Author, Consultant for Women’s Ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America

*Girls Gone Wise is a crucial message for such a time as this.  In a culture where true femininity is in danger of extinction, young women desperately to catch a vision for God’s pattern.  Mary Kassian’s relevant, practical, and Biblically based insights give today’s young women a clear, inspiring blueprint for the only version of womanhood that truly fulfills – God’s version.
–Eric and Leslie Ludy, bestselling authors of When God Writes Your Love Story

Mary Kassian will help you navigate the over-exposure we experience everyday to messages that call us to be anything but what God created us to be as women. Her message will make you wise to that, and hungry to be what God intended. I think this would be a great book for moms to read with their teen girls. Though Mary navigates critical world view issues and strong theology, she does it with a conversational and contemporary note in her writing voice. You’ll never realize how hard you’re thinking. It’ll be too much fun!
–Dannah Gresh, Co-author Lies Young Women Believe, Founder, Pure Freedom

I’m getting excited about the release of the book. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on downloadable small group questions, a leader’s guide, and several other website resources. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but more than 600 people have already joined the Girls Gone Wise Facebook page, with more joining daily. I started a new Girls Gone Wise Twitter feed yesterday – 15 people have signed on. If you are the twittering tweeting type, check out @GirlsGoneWise.

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Mary Kassian, the founder of Girls Gone Wise, is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and distinguished professor of Women's Studies at Southern Baptist Seminary.

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