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GGW Girlfriends

Thank you so much to everyone who entered Moody’s Girls Gone Wise Girlfriends book giveaway. One hundred women won two copies of the book for themselves and their girlfriends to study together.

As part of each entry, we asked women to complete the sentence “A Wild Woman…. and a Wise Woman….” The answers were terrific! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • A Wild Thing reads what Oprah recommends, but a Wise Thing is discerning about truth.
  • A Wild Thing kisses many frogs to get her prince, but a Wise Thing waits patiently for God to provide a prince for her.
  • A Wild Thing spends frivolously, but a Wise Thing saves and plans for the future.
  • A Wild Thing speaks before she thinks, but a Wise Thing thinks before she speaks.

I’ll trim down the answers to fit the 140 character Twitter limit, and will Tweet/Facebook one each morning. Sign up as a Girls Gone Wise Facebook Fan or to GirlsGoneWise Twitter to get them. Then re-tweet the answers to your friends. If you entered the contest, watch for you and your girlfriend’s name, and on that day, post a comment to say Hi and let me know how things are going and what else you are learning about being a Girl Gone Wise.

Remember, the video book blog will start on May 18th. If you missed out on Moody’s giveaway, you can still order a copy of the book and join in with the online blog discussion. Or, you can re-post the YouTube videos on your own blog, and host your own discussion with your blog friends. You could also host a Girls Gone Wise group at your house, and watch the video blog together on your computer or TV screen. Or you could even start your own Girls Gone Wise facebook or google group. The videos will remain posted on YouTube, so you’ll be able to access them anytime.

Don’t forget to download a personal journal or set of chapter questions to help you apply what you are reading.I’ve provided lots of online resources so that you can personally study the book, and also so you can help your friends learn how to be Girls Gone Wise.

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Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian, the founder of Girls Gone Wise, is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and distinguished professor of Women's Studies at Southern Baptist Seminary.

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