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Book Blog 12: Spotting a Fake

How do you spot a fake? Most of us wouldn’t dare deal in counterfeit cash. But yet we tolerate counterfeit spirituality. We are two-faced. Our public persona doesn’t match our private one. You can spot a counterfeit designer handbag by opening it up and examining the details. This Girls Gone Wise video book blog outlines seven signs of hypocrisy that you can spot in the life of a Wild Thing. They’ll help you know what to look for so you can tell the difference between real and fake.

  1. Read the twelfth point of contrast between a Wild and a Wise Thing (Pages 171-179)
  2. Download and complete the Chapter Questions for Personal Reflection
  3. Post your comments on the Blog
  • How does the image of a masked actor accurately reflect what a hypocrite is?
  • Why do woman fear being “found out” for who they really are?
  • Which one of the seven marks of hypocrisy do you battle with the most?
  • Why do you think it’s so important to aim for true authenticity?

About The Author

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian, the founder of Girls Gone Wise, is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and distinguished professor of Women's Studies at Southern Baptist Seminary.

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