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Author: Leslie Ludy

Dying to Self’s Agenda

The more I study the lives of great Christian women, the more I recognize that our American culture (even the Christian culture) so often convinces us that this life is all about us rather than being all about Jesus Christ. It is my desire, by God’s grace, to make all of my decisions, choices and attitudes based on the question, “How can I honor and glorify my King in this moment?”

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True Feminine Beauty

True beauty, in a nutshell, is found in a soul completely surrendered to Jesus Christ, a heart consumed by Him alone, and a life eagerly poured out for His sake. That is when our lives will sparkle with lasting feminine loveliness. That is when we will trade the counterfeit beauty of pop-culture for a beauty that stands out among other women like a lily among thorns.

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Radiant Singleness – Krissy’s Story

Even if He never brought a man into her life, Krissy resolved to remain fully set-apart for Him. Jesus Christ, not the hope of an earthly romance, was the focus of her existence and the source of her fulfillment. Even without an earthly love story, her Heavenly Prince was more than enough. She wasn’t living for guys. She wasn’t living for an earthly romance. She was living for Him.

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Living a Poured Out Life

One of the great tragedies of American Christian young women is our total preoccupation with self. God has not called us to build our lives around the pursuit of our own selfish desires, but to be poured-out sacrifices for His kingdom…You don’t have to be amazingly gifted or highly educated to pour your life out for Jesus Christ. You don’t have to have been seminary educated or groomed at Bible college. You just need a heart fully surrendered to Him.

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