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Author: Katie McCoy

Tin Tiaras

Two girls. Two stories. One question. “You guys wouldn’t understand…they have to kill me…” The dark-haired high school junior fearfully described the night her Sri-Lankan Muslim father discovered that she was secretly – and defiantly – a Christian.  Between the Facebook professions and the Muslim community’s accusations, the then 17-year-old’s father confronted her with, “If you have this Jesus in your heart, you’re dead to me. You’re not my daughter …I will kill you.” For the past 5 years, Rifqa Bary has been a follower of Jesus Christ, a conviction she made public with her baptism. She hid her Bible,...

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Smart Talk: Life for Lent

Fatima was a child-bride at age 9, gave birth at 10, divorced at 11,was re-married at 12, and discarded at 13. In today’s Smart Talk, Gabrielle Pickle, from “She is Safe” joins us to discuss the plight of young women around the world who endure the abuse, injustice, and indignity of child-bridehood and prostitution. She shares how you can help rescue a girl like this by giving Life for Lent. Around the world, women and girls make up 80% of those trafficked 70% of illiterates and 70% of the impoverished She Is Safe (SIS) is an organization working to prevent, rescue and...

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